XP SkyView Skylight


XP SkyView Skylight

A stylish classic, the XP SkyView is the very best in beautifully simple and traditional fixed roof windows. The XP SkyView is a great addition to your roof, bringing abundant natural light into your home. It is perfect for those looking to create clean, elegant lines and who are looking for a timeless skylight for their home.


XP SkyView roof windows are manufactured using our extruded aluminum profile which is thermally broken with two polyamide insulating sections. They are also factory-glazed with a 26mm argon-filled and soft coat low-E insulating glass unit. As a result, XP Skyview models easily surpass the minimum requirements of building regulations.

We also manufacture the timber upstand which is easy to assemble and we send this to site well over a week before we are due to fit the skylight, this ensures that there are never any issues on site with the skylight fitting properly.

  • The flat skylights are always on a 5 degree pitch.
  • The glazing used has a U value of 0.7 creating an overall U value for the roofs of 1.2.
  • The glass is heat soaked, toughened glass 4mm external, 6mm internal.
  • 16mm gas filled cavity.
  • A wide range of glazing available including tinted, obscured and high performance solar-control glass.
  • Dual colour – white internally and RAL 7015 slate grey externally.
  • Marine grade powder coating used throughout.


Our XP SkyView model comes in a range of sizes to match your specific needs:

 800mm x 800mm

1000mm x 1000mm

1500mm x 1000mm

1500mm x 1200mm

1500mm x 1500mm

2000mm x 1000mm

2000mm x 1200mm

2000mm x 1500mm

2500mm x 1000mm

2500mm x 1200mm

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