Glass Lean To Roofing

Glass Lean To Roofing

Glass lean-to roofing lets you create a bright, airy room or covered area that blurs the boundaries between inside and out. Combined with bi-folding or sliding doors, garden parties and lazy afternoons can move seamlessly in and outdoors, letting you get the most out of the brighter evenings or enjoy a spot of stargazing on a winter’s night.

Specially designed, manufactured, and quality checked by our specialist engineers in the UK, lean-to roofing from Express offers excellent energy efficiency while maximising natural light. Manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, and fitted with high performance glazing, our glass lean-to roofing is designed and made to order for a bespoke installation every time.

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All our roofs are highly engineered in reinforced aluminium and are then powder coated to match the colour of the doors, creating a cohesive look to the entire installation – we understand the importance of co-ordination.

Our lean-to roofing systems offer strong box section aluminium eave beams with triple-sealed glazing supports between the rafters, seamless box gutters and powder coated cast aluminium end caps. This excellent attention to detail is just one of the many reasons to choose Express Bi-folding Doors, with our high quality products making our collection of roofing options a must-have, highly desirable addition to every residential and commercial setting.

A glass extension sitting proudly above one of our door systems is the most popular option amongst our roofing portfolio. The roof can sit on an RSJ installed by third party builders or on a bespoke steel portal frame supplied by Express. The returns can be made up of brick or stone walls matching the rest of the property or can be made up solely of Express’ door and window products including shaped cheese wedges to allow maximum light into the property.

A visit to one of our showrooms is strongly recommended when planning this type of purchase. Alternatively one of our representatives can discuss possible designs with you over the telephone or e-mail as the starting point for a potential new stunning addition to your home.

  • Reinforced aluminium bolster bars as standard:
  • Our aluminium bolster bar system increases the strength of our rafters thus allowing projections up to 5 metres without the requirement of costly and unsightly steel purlin sections*.
    *Despite the strength of our rafters and bolster bars there are limitations on the maximum glass unit size as a single piece cannot exceed 2.7m2, where glazed units will exceed this size a muntin jointing strip will be required.
  • Express custom designed aluminium gutter as standard
  • Structural box section ring-beam for added strength
  • The aluminium end caps are securely fixed and provide built in drainage as well as being designed to act as a glass stop.
  • Unlike other systems our full guttering, downpipe and associated fixings are wholly manufactured from aluminium. Whilst adding the benefits of improved aesthetics, strength and robustness, these components massively increase the weather rating and life span of the entire roofing system under extreme conditions.
  • The starter bar is designed to leave a perfect lead flashing line seamlessly connecting the house and the conservatory.
  • Single point fixing bolts are fastened internally for easier and quicker installation. The main aluminium rafters are not penetrated so there are no fixing holes for water to ingress through.
  • Our roofs are extruded from the highest grade aluminium to ensure that they never warpor distort under extreme heat or split under extreme cold conditions.
  • Box gutters available as required:
  • Our unique box gutter is twin skinned and insulated to cut condensation. The double skin construction also increases strength and reduces sound pollution through the gutter.

Steel Portal Frames

  • All portal frames are insulated with King-spam insulation as standard
  • All portal frames are galvanised as standard with a high quality powder coating system of two coats, including special ST-RAL numbers.
  • Where portal frames are planned to be covered by pressings instead of powder coating, the steel is galvanised as standard to prevent any rust.
  • Standard portal frame sizes are fixed with 8.8 grade M10 thunderbolts and 8.8 grade M10C/S bolts.
  • Tonnage Weight specifications are available with structural calculations
  • Calculations of size and weight may exceed standard fixings so structural calculations are worked out in Newton’s per tonne which will indicate that larger fixings are required.
  • We have a unique and effective way of fixing the portal frames together by drilling and tapping the steel lugs which is our own design, then we use countersunk head-bolts to fix. A substance call Loctite can also be used on request. A chemical anchor resin is also used when necessary.
  • Base plates as standard are worked out from calculations that are a minimum of 8mm thick with a minimum of five fixing points to the pad stone. We also use calculations for the size and depth of the pad stone.
  • Our team of portal frame installers not only have the knowledge and experience in steel work but also general building work as portal frame installations commonly take place in a residential property. We never damage brickwork and our team ensure work is carried out with the utmost courtesy.

Aluminium Pressings
All aluminium pressings are bespoke to suit every individual project.
Pressings are available in our full range of RAL colours and suitable for external use and internal if required.
All pressings are full aluminium which 2mm thick to ensure minimal weight.
All pressings are backed with 12mm foam insulation.

Express structural steel portal frames can used instead of the builder preparing all structural steels. Visit our technical section for more infomation on our portal frames

  • Aluminium gutters can have a bespoke design to suit individual taste.
  • Full range of RAL colours available.
  • Shaped glazed windows can be installed underneath and to the pitch of the roof to allow more light into the glazed structure.
  • The returns can be built from either the house walls or any of our glazed products
  • Bespoke aluminium pressings can be used to cosmetically finish off the installation. Visit our technical section for more information on our aluminium pressings and fascias.
  • Reverse lean-too roofs possible when combined with a box gutter
  • A lean-too roof combined with a box gutter is an ideal solution for mid-terraced properties as a means of creating a lightwell down the side of the property.
  • Full range of glazing and colour tint options available for the roof itself.

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