EOS Roof Skylight

EOS Roof Skylight

EOS Skylights and roof lanterns are designed to provide maximum natural light within an enclosed space. Installed in flat roofs or extensions, the EOS skylight uses powder coated aluminium to provide a lightweight and durable frame sporting bold, clean lines for a timeless aesthetic.

Combined with high performance low-E glass, and thermally broken frames, the EOS skylight range offers fantastic energy efficiency, so you can stay comfortable in your brighter home whatever the weather.

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Each bespoke roof lantern is manufactured in-house in our purpose-built facilities in Leeds, and is available on a trade supply-only basis. Alternatively, we will liaise with the on-site building team to advise how to prepare for the roof lantern’s installation, attend site, measure the opening and install the bespoke roof lantern when manufacture is complete.

All Express roof lanterns are designed and structurally guaranteed by our experienced, technical team.
The Eos roof lantern is a more cost effective solution than our sky-line roof lantern but is a viable alternative because as well as value for money it boasts comparable design features. The roof itself has designed around maximum uninterrupted sight lines bar numbers are reduced (or can be added if you prefer) and the ridge board and hub ends are as unobtrusive as possible. The sky-line roof lantern is a slimmer system but our Eos range can allow for larger areas of glass, meaning less aluminium within the roof itself.

Our recommendation? Both are great products, there is additional information on the EOS roof lantern in the tabs above, but to gain a real insight into our product offerings we strongly recommend visiting a showroom or contacting our sales team to decide which system is the most ideally suited for your home and your project.

Rectangular double ended roof lights up to 4m long by 2m wide, available at the sizes below:

  • Width from 1000-2000*mm
  • Length from 1500-4000*mm.

Maximum Light Transmition

  • 2 bars at each end (compared to five in alternative systems)
  • Minimal framework for optimum aesthetics.
  • Low profile spars / not deep internals that cast shadows

Superb Thermal Performance

The thermal performance has been optimised to make it suitable for extensions in domestic properties. Typical U value with 1.1 glass for a 1000mm wide x 2000mm long rooflight is 1.4 W/m2K. The larger the roof lantern, but the more thermally efficient the overall product becomes.

The roof is made up of with fewer spars, meaning less leakage points.

Our Eos range is a complete aluminium roof system boasting a thermally broken aluminium ridge body. Sleeved low profile eaves rider rail and aluminium glazing bar and top caps.

25 degree pitch all round.

Low profile eaves beam (no gutter) designed to be fitted with oversailing 24mm double glazed units (high performance low e, self cleaning and solar control in blue or neutral/clear offered as standard.

Full colour range in any RAL colour.

*Width and length are defined as to the external face of the timber kerb (not supplied, recommended to be 150mm high x minimum of 70mm wide).

Industry Leading Strength


RIDGE 4,512k


HIP 579K

Full range of RAL colours available.

Full range of glazing options.

Available in set sizes below.

Designed with minimal spars as displayed below.

Aditional spart can be added into the roof if required:

Full colour range in any RAL colour.

*Width and length are defined as to the external face of the timber kerb (not supplied, recommended to be 150mm high x minimum of 70mm wide).

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