XP Slide Panoramic

XP Slide Panoramic

The XP Slide Panoramic door offers a contemporary design statement for most discerning home owner. Minimal frame and maximum glass means we can offer the finest panoramic sliding door in the UK.

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With a premium, architectural design our new panoramic sliding door system, the XP Slide Panoramic incorporates glass that is bonded to the frame, giving it a sightline of only 30mm. The outer frame of the door is designed to be hidden by the wall, giving the appearance of uninterrupted glass for an effortlessly sleek finish. The visible profiles at the head and foot of the door are only 35mm, meaning this truly is a glass sliding door.
This exclusive product is expertly manufactured with the glass bonded to the frame in our factory, and is only available when installed by our expert installation teams.
We have also designed a lockable cylinder into the side jam meaning it is the only panoramic sliding door that meets UK building regulations without the requirement for an electronically, or magnetically operated lock.


  • Uw value as low as 1.2W/m2K
  • Testing Air Tightness: Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207
  • Water Resistance: Class 8A in accordance with EN 12208
  • Wind Resistance: Class B3 in accordance with EN 12210
  • Weight limits per panel of 300kg.
  • 16 stainless steel, high performance sliding carriages runners per panel
  • Beautifully designed handle incorporated into the sliding panel.
  • Visible sightline of just 35mm at the head and foot of the door.
  • 30mm cross section sightline.
  • No architectural barriers
  • Super thin high level design
  • Extremely smooth sliding action
  • Locking by industrial hook bolt and 25mm pivoting bolt.
  • Various vertical reinforced profiles dependant on wind loading requirements.
  • Twin track outer frame with a depth of just 70mm allowing for 50% clear opening
  • Triple track outer frame with a depth of only 122mm allowing for 66% clear opening
  • 2,3,4 panels available
  • Full range of RAL colours available.
  • Dual colour option suitable for twin track only.
  • Option for metallic textured finish.

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