XP Glide S

XP Glide S

The XP Glide S aluminium sliding door system is an exceptional product which because of its high specification is ideal for residential and commercial architectural developments of the grandest scale.

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The sliding door system is a high-insulation lift-and-slide door which fulfils even the more stringent requirements of energy saving regulations. The thermal efficiency of the product is second to none, by far exceeding current building regulations and easily surpassing any future building regulation revisions.

The XP GlideS system operates by a turning of the handle which then elevates the huge panels up onto ball bearings allowing said panels to literally glide aside at the lightest touch. The lift-and-slide system means that the panel can be locked in any open position, ideal when frequently coming in and out of door or to ensure that you can listen out for the children when playing outside.

The aesthetic achieved is bold and strong, manufactured from robust aluminium profiles with extremely high thermal insulation values. With its narrow profile face widths and large glass areas, the XP GlideS is ideal for architectural developments including restaurants, hotels and high-quality residential properties.

The XP Glide S is the most expensive door within our product portfolio, because of this we have introduced the XP Glide R, which offers many of the same benefits, but is a much more cost effective option. Click here for information the XP Glide R.

  • Newly modified for 2018
  • Lift-and-slide system allowing for the door to be locked in any open position
  • The system includes an internal up stand which can be set against the finished floor level allowing for a flush internal finish
  • Burglar-resistant to security class WK2
  • Continuous gasket rebate on both sides for improved sound reduction
  • Weather tight to 600 pascals
  • Stainless steel track ensures smooth, quiet operation
  • 102mm typical sightline, and option of 112mm sightline which can house a double glazed unit weighing up to 350kg
  • Minimal sightline of just 40mm available in twin track systems.
  • Overall u value of 1.4 W/m2k
  • Full complement of doors, windows and roofs to suit
  • Manufactured by the largest specialist manufacturer of aluminium folding and sliding doors in the UK – Express Bi-folding Doors
  • Twin track outer frame with a depth of 140mm allowing for 50% clear opening
  • Option of unique twin track outer frame with all fixed elements glazed into the frame this reducing sightlines and increasing glazed areas.
  • Triple track outer frame with a depth of 220mm allowing for 66% clear opening
  • Full range of RAL colours available.
  • Dual colour option suitable for twin track only.
  • Option for metallic textured finish.
  • Suitable for commercial electric Uniblinds on twin track systems.
  • Stainless steel handle offered as standard
  • Handles available in black, white, silver anodised and anthracite grey.
  • Option with or without external cill.
  • External cills available in 225mm (twin track only)

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