XP Glide R

XP Glide R

The XP Glide R is a premium quality lift and slide system with excellent thermal efficiency that can achieve overall U values as low as 1.4W/M2K.

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A simple turn of the handle lifts the door onto ball bearings, meaning doors weighing even as much as 300kg will glide open with the slightest touch. The ease of operation of the XP Glide R is immediately noticeable when the door slides and the lift-and-slide mechanism also means the door can be locked in any position ideal for properties with children, for gatherings or to simply allow some ventilation whilst still having the door locked and secure.
The XP Glide R is our most-slender lift-and-slide system with a slim outer frame and a sightline of just 69mm on twin track doors and 98mm on triple track sliding doors. The system also boasts an intelligent built in drainage system meaning the door is ideal for exposed locations whilst still maintaining a contemporary and sleek aesthetic.

Within our product portfolio is another lift and slide door the XP Glide S, both products offer many of the same benefits but since we launched the XP Glide R in 2016 it is becoming increasingly popular amongst visitors to our showrooms and exhibition stands as it is made of slimmer profiles and is a more cost effective heavy duty lift and sliding door solution.

The additional sliding doors within our product range are the XP Slide Panoramic and the XP Glide, you can learn more about them online, alternatively you can order a sliding door brochure or visit one of our showrooms to see our products first hand.

  • The system includes an internal upstand that can be set against the finished floor level for a flush internal finish
  • Burglar-resistant design up to security class WK2
  • 69mm typical sightline on two panel lift andslide doors
  • 98mm typical sightline on three panel lift and slide doors which can house double glazed unit weighing up to 300kg
  • Lockable in any open position
  • The elevating sliding gearing makes operation easy
  • Night vent locking option offered as standard.
  • Overall U values as low as 1.4wm2k
  • EN 12211, EN 12211 Wind loading up to 1200 pa
  • EN 12208 Watertight up to 600 pa
  • EN 12207 Air tightness up to 600 pa
  • Tested to stringent PAS 024:2012 testing standards
  • Secure by Design accredited product
  • Full range of RAL colours and metallic finishes.
  • Designer handles available.
  • Twin or triple track configurations available.
  • Moving corner post available.

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