COVID-19 Update

In accordance with our Governments guidelines on social distancing we have made the very difficult decision to not only close our four showrooms until further notice, but to also limit our entire operation until Government restrictions are lifted.

Construction falls within a grey area as to whether it is essential or not, so we have decided to let our customers decide whether they believe our product installation is essential to them during this challenging time. We appreciate that everyone needs a secure property, and we also appreciate that our customers don’t want to be exposed to the elements particularly during a period of lock down.

At the request of our customers we will complete all this weeks scheduled installations as soon as possible, as long as both ourselves & our customers believe it is safe to do so, and all parties act within the social distancing guidelines recommended by Public Health England.

Any installations, deliveries, or site visits scheduled from the 28th March are now postponed until further notice.

We are aiming to complete all outstanding and essential works as soon as possible and then we will shut down all manufacturing and Company operations until we are advised by the Government that it is safe to return to our full capacity operation again.

We are closely and vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock and we will continue to follow all Government advice and guidelines, as well as take every precaution necessary to help combat this global epidemic.

Stay safe, take care of your loved ones and your community by staying at home.

Together we will win this war against COVID-19 and when we do, we will be here, ready and excited to help to create your dream home.

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A message to all our valued customers: COVID-19 Update