Things to remember when choosing bi-folds

Things to remember when choosing bi-folds

Things to remember when choosing bi-folds

Are you looking to install new bi-folding doors? Perhaps you've planned for a home renovation or complete extension, and dream of a cool, contemporary space that maximises on natural light and brings the much desired outdoor living element to your home? Here at Express, we pride ourselves on offering a superior customer service experience right from the get-go. That's why we've put together a post about what to remember when you're choosing your bi-folds, sliding doors, or any windows and roofing systems€¦

First things first, take a trip to the showroom. Here, you can see the range in action, browse at your leisure, and get a real feel for the products. At the Express showrooms, which span from Glasgow to London, you can be assured that there'll be no hard sell; our colleagues are there to answer your questions, offer advice, and tell you more about our products – they know what they're talking about.

If you're unable to make the journey to a showroom, there are many exhibits around the country where these installations are presented. Get in touch to discover an event near you!

When in the initial stages of choosing your bi-folding doors, it's important to consider material. At Express we offer aluminium, timber and composite frames, along with a range of glass to suit your needs. Should you need help with your selection, our team of experts will take into account your requirements, including price range, durability and aesthetic elements – after all, your new installation should fit in with the rest of your home and enhance the space where it's situated. Once material has been selected, you can also choose a variety of colours and effects to achieve a sleek, balanced and complementary finish.

Next up, a site survey. This will guarantee that the products can be installed seamlessly into your home, abiding all regulations and ensuring a perfect fit. At Express, survey details are then passed on to our installation department, and your chosen bi-folds, sliding doors, windows or roofing systems can be manufactured in-house by a highly qualified team.

When choosing bi-folds or other installations, there are several other points to consider:
DO comply with building regulations (rest assured that all Express products do)
DO choose bespoke products that will ensure a perfect fit.
DON'T opt for PVC – it's not as strong as aluminium and has many limitations by comparison.
DO consider the difference between low-threshold and rebated bi-folding doors.
DO consider all of the vast colour options available to you.
DO consider whether you want your installation to open inwards or outwards, and how you want the doors to fold.
DO consider glazing options and integral blinds.
DON'T rush into purchasing your bi folding doors – research the company, visit them and examine their products first hand.
DON'T install yourself€¦ Unless you're a pro, of course!

Do you have any questions about choosing bi-folding doors? Get in touch with one of our experts, tweet us, or drop by our Facebook page to find out more.