Ten Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Ten Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Ten Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

It happens year in, year out – we urge the warm weather to arrive, eagerly awaiting temperatures that warrant shorts, sandals and sunnies. Then, when it finally makes an appearance, we complain that we're too hot! At Express we want homeowners to enjoy the bright life, but we know that with constant sunshine comes temperatures that can become unbearable. To help cool things down and make you and your home as comfortable as possible this summer, we've put together our top tips for battling the heat.

1. Make the most of night air

Take advantage of cool evenings and open your windows and doors, letting the cold air cool your house before bedtime. If it's safe to, leave windows open throughout the night to make the most of the lower temperatures. And for windows on the ground floor or above flat roofs, opening on a locked setting will also be of benefit – even the slightest gap will help to keep air circulating.

2. Block all direct sunlight

When the sun is beating down on your windows, your home can begin to feel a little like a greenhouse. Avoid this by closing curtains and blinds – it's what they're for, after all! Stay one step ahead of the sun and work out which windows receive the most light, and when. Around 30% of unwanted heat comes from windows, so simply shutting the curtains or lowering a blind at the right time can make a world of difference.

3. Switch off

Turn off lights, TVs, computers and other electronic devices when not in use. All of this equipment produces excess heat that'll warm up your home slowly but surely, so a flick of the switch will help to keep things cool in the long-term. Turning off at the mains (rather than just leaving on standby) will also make a difference to your bills, so it's a win-win situation this summer!

4. Turn off the tumble dryer

While they're great for drying items in a short space of time, there are many downsides to tumble dryers. Not only do they guzzle energy, make a racket and run the risk of stretching or shrinking your clothes, but they also produce a lot of heat. Avoid using your tumble dryer this summer and utilise the warm weather instead – you'll save on bills, help to keep your home cool, and also have lovely fresh clothes

5. Reschedule

Household tasks like cleaning and cooking require a lot more energy than you might think. It doesn't take long to work up a sweat, and if it just so happens to be a particularly warm day, you're bound to find yourself hot and bothered. Reschedule your chores to coincide with cooler times of day; while it might not seem it at first, vacuuming first thing in the morning is a lot more pleasant than at midday!

6. Keep hydrated

Water is essential in maintaining your body temperature, so you'll feel cooler if you keep it topped up. Drinking water frequently also helps to give your body the nutrients it requires, maintains blood circulation and keeps you focused and alert. If plain old water becomes a little boring, add some zing with lemon, cucumber or mint leaves.

7. Avoid the oven

The kitchen is often the warmest room in the house, and if you're a budding chef who spends a lot of time frying, grilling and baking, chances are yours is unbearable during the hot season. Most common ovens can reach 200 degrees in temperature, so it's easy to see why they're a bad idea in summer. Instead, enjoy cold meals more often, make the most of your microwave or, best of all, get the barbeque going!

8. Swap your sheets

The thick duvet and extra blanket you needed in winter do nothing for a comfortable night's sleep in summer, so swap them for bedding that's more weather appropriate. Polyester, satin and silk should be avoided as they prevent air from circulating, along with dark fabrics that absorb heat. Instead, choose light-coloured cotton blends that are soft, lightweight and breathable.

9. Freshen up

Whilesuper cold showers may seem tempting when it's hot, you're actually better off having a rinse with lukewarm water. Your body will generate extra heat after cold experiences to compensate for heat loss, so you'll end up warmer in the long run. During the day, run your wrists under the cold tap for a few seconds – this helps to cool down the blood running through the rest of your body.

10. Enjoy the bright life

Bi-folding and sliding doors are excellent methods for cooling your home in the summer. Creating up to 90% clear openings, they transform your whole space and welcome the breeze into your home. These installations also encourage sociability between your house and garden, and create excellent access back inside to grab a cold drink!

Do you have any other tips for keeping cool in the summer? Get in touch and let us know by visiting our Facebook page or tweeting us. You can also find out more about our bi-folding and sliding doors by getting in touch with one of our Express experts.