We’re All Set for a Record Year!

We’re All Set for a Record Year!

We’re All Set for a Record Year!

In addition to these exciting investments, we have continued to adapt and improve our product range in line with market trends and projections. 2016 introductions include five new door and roof products and one improved door product, making ours the largest glazing product range in the country.

Some of the products are already live on our site, click the links below to find out more…

XP Slide Panoramic

XP Slide Panoramic sliding door

With a premium, architectural design and new panoramic sliding door system, the XP Slide Panoramic incorporates glass that is bonded to the frame, giving it a sightline of only 30mm. The outer frame of the door is designed to be hidden by the wall, giving the appearance of uninterrupted glass for an effortlessly sleek finish. The visible profiles at the head and foot of the door are only 35mm.


Hi Finity sliding door

This exceptionally designed panoramic sliding door can be either manually or electronically operated, giving it a premium edge over similar sliding door systems for the ultimate wow-factor.

EOS roof lantern

This new roof lantern design will be manufactured by us and will replace our classic design. The EOS design is a more affordable alternative to our existing range of premium sky-line roof lanterns, but still offers fantastic value for money.

Bespoke front doors

The new range will be manufactured in our factories here in the UK. The front doors will be available in 9 distinctive styles, including solid doors and those with glass inserts. As they are manufactured in-house they are completely bespoke and available in 4 standard colours with additional options of a further 200 colours and finishes. The new range will replace our previous range of Hörmann aluminium front doors.

XP Glide

XP Glide sliding door

Our most popular sliding door, the XP Glide, has undergone a modification to its interlock system to significantly reduce the sightline to just 35mm from its original 90mm.

Keep an eye out for more products being released over the next few months, and we’ll soon be releasing more details of our new show stand which is an impressive 110 square metres set over two floors! You can’t miss it…