Product focus: conservatories and orangeries

Product focus: conservatories and orangeries

Product focus: conservatories and orangeries

Over at Express HQ, we're delighted to see the mornings brightening and feel the temperature rising. And now that spring is well and truly in sight, we couldn't resist talking about our range of conservatory and orangery systems. After all, once the sun comes out we want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it!

At Express we offer a selection of installations that make the most of outdoor living. With the warmer seasons approaching, now is the perfect time to think about welcoming as much natural light as possible into your home, creating more space for the family in the process. In today's product focus, we're taking a look at both our aluminium conservatories and orangeries, explaining their features, differences, and which is best for you.

How it all began

From the 17th century, it was common for the wealthy to have an orangery within their grounds. It was the perfect solution to cultivating non-native fruit trees despite the UK's weather – an orangery would protect the fruit from frost, wind and rain, as well as nurturing other exotic plants and herbs. Citrus fruit soon became a regular import, meaning that homeowners no longer had to grow their own, however the concept of an orangery was by no means redundant. It quickly developed into a space for relaxing and entertaining, and was very much a status symbol amongst the elite. Nowadays, it's an ideal extension for all homeowners.

Conservatory or orangery?

It's generally accepted that conservatories are a spinoff of orangeries, and while many refer to them as interchangeable installations, there are some notable differences. While conservatories feature glazed roofs and walls, orangeries involve ample brickwork along with the glass. The glazing differences mean that conservatories welcome in maximum light, while orangeries are perfect for relaxation and warmth.  Both installations are multi-purpose rooms, however homeowners tend to utilise conservatories as a connection between the house and garden, while orangeries are larger, more private spaces. In the above image you can see an Express orangery in all its glory, with bifolding doors fully open to create a harmonious indoor/outdoor space. Below, you can see the full effect of an Express conservatory, which benefits hugely from ample glazing in the roof and sides.

Express installations

At Express we offer both conservatories and orangeries, so you can select the perfect installation for your home. We consider our aluminium conservatories to be fantastic investments; creating light, additional space and panoramic views outside, they not only enhance your quality of home life but have the potential to add considerable value to the property. Similarly, Express orangeries make the most of natural light with our high quality doors, windows and roofs, however the addition of brickwork makes for an installation that's both elegant and cosy. Both can be enhanced further by a choice of fixtures including bifolding or sliding doors and beautifully crafted lantern roofs.

At Express we have a team of experts who would be delighted to help you out further in your installation decision. You can contact us by calling 0800 121 4809, visit our Facebook page or tweet us @ExpressBifolds.