Why We Love Modern Homes

Why We Love Modern Homes

Why We Love Modern Homes

Many people still confuse modern design in the home with that of commercial spaces – the white walls, straight lines and industrial materials that, though stylish in their simplicity, can make a room feel cold and clinical. In fact, there’s plenty more to modern interiors than you might think.

We talk about our favourite features of the modern home, explain why we love the style so much…

Bringing the outdoors in

Modern homes are never complete without plenty of glazing, which is why large windows, conservatories, skylights and roof lanterns are so popular. These contemporary glass installations are the perfect addition to the modern home, bringing with them light, air and style, not to mention superior views of the outdoors. Increased glazing really does bring the outdoors inside, particularly in the case of bi-folding and sliding doors, which create up to a 90% opening and increase sociability between the house and outside area. Modern design can then flow out into the garden, making for an outdoor space that complements the rest of your home.

Enjoy the bright life

Modern design has a real knack for capturing and generating light, creating the illusion of space and airiness no matter the size of your home. Unlike traditionally decorated properties, which boast a lot of furniture, thick carpets and dark curtains, the modern home avoids all features that dull or absorb natural light. Instead of busy patterns and heavy fabrics, the modern style favours simplicity and subtlety, which are two very beneficial characteristics to a light and bright home.  Well executed modern interiors also make use of clever lighting techniques to further enhance the space, such as recessed lights, stylish pendants and contemporary lamps.

A little bit of luxury

Generally, two or three areas of the home receive the most attention in terms of design – the main living space, the kitchen, and bedrooms. For the modern interiors enthusiast, these spaces are the most exciting because more time is spent there. However, just because a room performs a basic function doesn’t mean it needs to be elementary in style. Bathrooms and studies can also become luxurious places with the help of some clever lighting techniques, glass features and modern materials. Modern interiors inject fashion into function, bringing cool, contemporary design to otherwise rudimentary spaces, and making for a home that is beautifully designed throughout.

Supreme style

Modern homes make use of the likes of steel, glass and concrete – industrial elements that contribute a strong, engineered edge to a space. But modern style also welcomes natural materials, such as timber and cotton, which bring with them a sense of the fresh and organic. When combined, the two styles work in harmony to produce a striking fusion of Mother Nature and the manmade. Modern design also utilises both ends of the spectrum in terms of colour (neutrals and neons) and texture (smooth, gloss surfaces and rough, raw finishes), so there are plenty of eye-catching contrasts to enjoy.

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