Eco-Friendly Products & Design Ideas

Eco-Friendly Products & Design Ideas

Eco-Friendly Products & Design Ideas

Eco-friendly, ‘green’ products are one way of ensuring your property is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly; something we all need to make steps towards.

So what eco-friendly home design ideas could you be considering?


Glazing insulation

glazing insulation

By ensuring your glazing products are properly insulated, you’re ensuring less heat escapes your home which ultimately wastes less energy (and money!).

Choose glazing products with a low U value for ultimate energy efficiency. SGG Planitherm Total+ glass has an invisible metallic coating on one side, reflecting heat back into the room, preventing its escape through the glass. Its centre pane U value is just 1.2. Similarly, Planitherm One does the same job but with a U value of 1.0, allowing it the same thermal benefits of tripe glazed sealed units but in a much lighter form. This means less strain on hinges for a more durable product.


One of the most eco-friendly metals, thermally broken aluminium is also incredible durable, lightweight and versatile. It stands the test of time, as well as the elements, so will last for many years to come, virtually maintenance free. Aluminium can also be powder coated to achieve the effect of timber or other materials, meaning you gain the benefits of resilient, eco-friendly material but without the maintenance problems of natural materials like wood.

Solar glass

solar control glass

When building a conservatory or glass room extension, it's important to factor in solar control glass. Special coatings used on SGG PLANITHERM 4S and SGG COOL-LITE SKN 174 are configured to manage solar radiation by selecting how much heat and light passes through the glass. If too much passes through then you'll get a greenhouse effect and the room will overheat. However if there is too much control over light and heat then the room won't benefit from as much natural light and heat.

Warm Edge Spacer Bar

Double glazed panels in windows and doors have spacer bars that sit between the two panes of glass. Did you know that up to 80% of energy loss through a window happens at the spacer bar? A warm edge spacer bar is an essential component of superior double glazing, ensuring thermal properties of the panel are not compromised, and retaining the heat in the room. Benefits of installing this eco-friendly element are as follows:

• Up to 94% reduced heat loss
• Up to 70% reduced condensation
• Up to 65% warmer at the edge
• Up to 2db reduced noise

Have you recently undergone a new home build or major renovation? What eco-friendly products or design elements did you incorporate? There are some fantastic eco-homes out there at the moment, cropping up in the news all the time for the money they save homeowners and the positive impact they have on our environment. Share them with us on Twitter! @expressbifolds

You can read more about eco-friendly glazing options on our website, too!