How To Create A Celebrity Home

How To Create A Celebrity Home

How To Create A Celebrity Home

There's a certain sense of elegance about Express solutions, one that is most often associated with the most exclusive of celebrity homes. It's a feature that our customers adore – after all, there's nothing better than feeling like you're staying in a 5* hotel seven days a week!

Our interior experts have a whole host of other methods up their sleeves to help you to create the celebrity home you've always dreamed of. Read on to find out more!

Back to basics

If there's one technique that immediately brings a sense of space and sophistication, it's a simple lick of light-coloured paint. Neutral colour palettes create a subtle base for your luxury home, allowing you to build up your own individual style with furniture and accessories. Basic backgrounds also make your home more versatile for the future, should your tastes change or you decide to sell.

If you prefer contemporary interiors, choose pure white for a modern, minimalist aesthetic. If a warming, classic feel is more to your taste, opt for cream or light grey. Some may still consider light walls too clinical for their homes, so you can punctuate them with contrasting feature walls that will keep the room looking stylish and spacious.

Less is more

While opulence and glamour are often associated with a celebrity home, the minimalism trend is slowly overtaking in the popularity stakes. Technically, to be minimalist is to be comfortable with living with less, but in terms of luxury interiors, it's more a case of creating large, open plan spaces that are beautifully decorated with a few statement pieces.

Say no to heavy curtains, dark carpets and clutter, and instead strip back your home to make room for a fresh, minimalist style.

Power pieces

Once you've established a neutral backdrop and removed unneeded items, you can really start to transform your home into a place that oozes luxury. What really sets celebrity homes apart from the ordinary are the details: that means quality over quantity, with a focus on beautiful materials, vibrant colours and expert craftsmanship.

One spectacular item will contribute a lot more to the aesthetic of your home than several cheaper options, so shop around for a piece that can make a real impact, whether that be a statement sofa, a beautiful painting or some stunning light fixtures.

Garden envy

And it's not only the inside of your home that can be injected with celebrity style. A beautifully landscaped garden complete with decking, a water feature and modern furniture is sure to impress, though of course this isn't always possible with budget, space and time constraints. Instead, spend some time making your garden neat and tidy, invest in several eye-catching blooms that will bring a sense of the exotic, and revamp old garden furniture with new soft furnishings.

Celebrity gardens are always complemented by striking glass installations, such as a modern conservatory or orangery. They can also be provided an even bigger wow-factor with a bespoke door solution that makes the transition between inside and outside as smooth as possible. And here at Express Bi-folding Doors, we can provide you with just that: a bespoke set of bi-folding or sliding doors that creates the outdoor living element of celebrity homes.

Express have even supplied to a real celebrity house; TV personality, radio host and reality TV star Mark Wright has recently had our popular aluminium bifolds fitted into his gym. Speaking with our MD Steve Bromberg at his Essex home, Mark said:

€œI’m so happy with my bi folding doors from Express. They are perfect and exactly what I want. I didn’t have to look far as they have a base near me so it was perfect.€

Mark Wrigth With Express Bi-Folding Doors