Choosing blinds and curtains for your bi-folding doors

Choosing blinds and curtains for your bi-folding doors

Choosing blinds and curtains for your bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors are an impactful addition to any home, but one question we often receive is what type of blinds or curtains we would recommend for bi-folding doors. Traditional curtains can be difficult to incorporate into the installation, there are options available to suit all styles.


While other types of dressing may come to mind first, Uniblinds have always been our number one choice at Express. Sealed within the doors themselves, Uniblinds provide a stylish, modern way to screen our products without any bulk, complementing them perfectly. There are three types of operation available, so you can decide which will work best for your home: manual (via magnet and pull cord), solar powered remotely or by touch button, and also electric, which is operated by a remote control. You can choose from pleated or Venetian styles to suit your home, and as they are a sealed unit, cleaning and maintenance is reduced. You can find out more about Uniblinds by clicking here.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a good choice if you want to maintain the sleek, minimalistic effect of bi-fold installations. You can guarantee optimal privacy, as well as controlling sunlight efficiently. There's a wide range of roller blind colours and designs on the market, meaning they can be easily matched to the rest of the room. For those wanting to maintain the modernity of bi-folding doors through the dressing, choose electric or solar powered roller blinds.


Though curtains can be difficult to accommodate in the installation, you shouldn't dismiss this option too quickly. If you're concerned that your new bi-folds may look a little too contemporary, you can soften things up with carefully selected curtain fabric. Of course, you've got to take space into account, so choose single or double pinch pleats as they concertina neatly. Steer clear of heavy materials that can swamp your bi-folds – we recommend light fabrics such as linen, polyester and viscose. These avoid the bulk, add a soft border to the bi-folds, and provide you with privacy and cosiness!

Panel Blinds

Another good match for bi-fold doors are panel glide systems. These large pieces of fabric stack neatly together, are available in a variety of fabrics and colours, and are easy to operate. You can find them in options that part in the middle of stack on either side, so you can make use of space efficiently as well as maintaining the 90%+ clear opening and view that bi-folds create. If panel blinds are your choice, install the track to extend beyond the reveal, and be precise with measurements to ensure exact floor-to-ceiling coverage.


If you've opted for a different type of dressing for you bi-folding doors, we'd love to see. You can tweet us @ExpressBifolds or visit our Facebook page to let us know!