4 Fantastic Flooring Solutions

4 Fantastic Flooring Solutions

4 Fantastic Flooring Solutions

The floor is a huge part of your home, and a considerable investment, so when it comes to choosing new flooring you shouldn't make any decisions hurriedly. Instead, carefully weigh up the pros and cons of various styles and decide what is right for you and your home. After all, the flooring you select has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a space, not to mention the matters of cleaning, maintenance, and child and pet friendliness.

There is a huge range of flooring on the market today, providing homeowners with better choice at highly competitive prices. We've summarised four of our favourite flooring solutions, from the classic to the contemporary, and explain why each could be right for you.

Perfectly polished

If you're a modern minimalist with a penchant for high end products, polished flooring could be the one for you!

Whether you choose tiles or high shine concrete, polished floors are a great choice for homeowners wanting to maximise on light and space. These styles are also very easy to maintain; resistant to spillages, scratches and cracks, these flooring solutions are ideal for rooms that experience heavy footfall. The wipe-clean properties are also effective when it comes to pets and small children, though you must remember that falls aren't softened as with carpet!

Polished flooring is simplistic yet stylish, and adds a real sense of luxury to any space. Of course, concrete in particular is industrial in appearance, but by adding colourful or textured accessories, the floor space can be warmed up and made more welcoming.


For those that prefer traditional fashions in organic materials, wood flooring is the way to go.

The natural characteristics of wood mean it's hard to beat; sturdy, easy to maintain and with a warming, cosy effect, wood is an excellent choice for homeowners. The variety of species, size and cuts on offer also make it available to all budgets, not to mention fitting in seamlessly with any colour scheme or decorating style.

Wood flooring lasts for decades and can add additional value to the home, especially if it's well maintained. If you opt for it in areas of the home where there's heavy footfall – particularly pets and children – you may need to refinish more often, but the harder the wood the less chance of scuffs and scratches. The only real downside is that is can be noisy, but of course if you're keen for better acoustics, it's the perfect floor for you! Here at Express we highly recommend WoodFloors4U, the hardwood flooring specialists, who we regularly work with on projects.


Cost-effective, versatile and durable, laminated floors are ideal for bustling households.

One of the best features of laminate is the variety of designs on offer. Whether you want faux wood, imitation tiles or a stone slab effect, you're guaranteed to find a laminate to suit. It's also one of the easiest flooring solutions in terms of cleaning and maintenance; resistant to fading, stains, moisture and scratches, laminate can simply be wiped clean, and any damaged slats can be easily replaced without compromising the whole installation.

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that laminate now looks less artificial, allowing you to enjoy the floor you desire at a fraction of the price. What's more, it's one of the most hygienic flooring choices, so perfect for kids, pets and those with allergies.


Finally, a solution with thousands of years of history: stone. If you're keen for robust flooring with heaps of character, stone is your ultimate choice.

Since stone is made by nature, you'll never two identical pieces. This means that your floor will be unlike anyone else's, a feature that many homeowners enjoy. While it's one of the oldest flooring styles in the world, stone works well in both traditional and contemporary environments, and with the huge range of types available (slate, granite and marble, to name a few) you are certain to discover the perfect one for your space.

Another benefit of natural stone flooring is that it's highly sustainable, standing the test of time if looked after correctly. On the downside, stone floors can be cold, though this can be counter acted by under floor heating, which comes at an expense.

Here at Express Bi-folding Doors, we offer installations with low threshold options, meaning they can be sunk in to any flooring type for a totally flush result. This is ideal for rooms that lead out onto a patio or decking, maintaining the smooth flow of indoors into outdoors. This technique also removes any steps or trip hazards. You can find out more by watching our brand new video, which features specific details regarding flooring and thresholds, or by getting in touch with one of our Express experts!