4 clever ways to keep your home light and bright

4 clever ways to keep your home light and bright

4 clever ways to keep your home light and bright

As our motto would suggest, we want all of our customers to enjoy the bright life. That's why our products are designed for that very reason: to welcome maximum natural light into your home, replacing small windows and low roofs with crystal clear solutions.

But it's not only bi-folding doors, big windows and skylights that will make a difference to the brightness of your home. There are several other tricks to making it as light and airy as possible, and we're going to give you the lowdown€¦

Paint colour

Some assume that the only option for brightening up a room is white paint, but there is a big range of neutral colours that can do the trick with a bit more €˜pizzazz' than plain old white. Pale green, ice blue and soft yellow will all widen and brighten the area, reflecting the natural light that spills in.

Say no to heavy curtains

That counts for blinds, too! There's no point in investing in windows and doors that make the most of natural light if it's going to be quashed by dense drapery or thick screens. Instead, opt for subtle window dressings; check out our previous post about selecting appropriate blinds and curtains for bi-folds.

Mirror images

Adding mirrors to your room with make your home feel even bigger, bouncing natural light around and increasing the visual space twofold. Grouping mirrors together is a quirky (and often much cheaper) way to bring brightness and depth into the room, while floor length mirrors will make the room seem taller.

Natural light isn't always enough

€¦ Which is why some rooms may require a helping hand. Avoid fluorescent lights – they're far too harsh and will overwhelm the natural light you've achieved. Instead, introduce understated sources of light which will add to the ambience.

Do you have any other tricks for keeping your home light and bright? Get in touch and let us know – you can tweet us @ExpressBifolds or visit our Facebook page.