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Meet the Team

With 200 employees we can’t list¬†the whole team, but here are some of our key members that work across Leeds, Glasgow, Redhill and Romford.

The Leeds Team

Steve Bromberg

Steve works closely with heads of depts to plan the company's strategies.

Steve Bromberg

General Manager
Mark Phillips

Steve Snr and Jnr were customers of Mark's in a previous role!

Mark Phillips

Sales Director

Sandra has implemented many procedures that have enabled us to grow.

Sandra Longstaff

Operations Manager
Smart SBromberg Snr

The founder, Stephen gets involved with installations, showrooms and even surveying.

Stephen Bromberg

Alex Mutch

Alex met Steve at university and joined the company shortly after it started.

Alex Mutch

Head of Business Development
Nick George

Nick went to college with Steve and sold Steve his first car and had also sold cars to Steve Snr.

Nick George

National Sales Coordinator

With an engineering background, Mark is the go to man for product quality and development.

Mark Hurd

Head of Production

The voice of reason, he gives the heads of department the info they need.

David Scholey

Financial Controller
Chris Jupp

Chris started in fabrication and worked his way into trade sales.

Chris Jupp

Head of Processing & Technical Department

Jed worked his way up, having carried out roles both on the factory floor and on site.

Jed Swallow

Head of Aftersales
Geoff Clarkson

Since joining, Geoff's worked in a number of different roles. He's never looked back!

Geoff Clarkson

Head of Customer Services
Gary Mardy

Gary makes sure that every product gets manufactured on time.

Gary Mardy

Installations / Technical Manager

Jonathan is a former science teacher.

Jonathan Watkins

Training Manager
Mark Gregoire

Mark has been friends with Steve for 18 years.

Mark Gregoire

Senior Business Analyst

Christine has been Steve (Snr)'s PA for over 30 years.

Christine Wood

PA to the Directors
Russell Whittacker

Russell likes to think he's liked by everyone at Express!

Russell Whittacker

Trade Manager
Chris Lacey

Chris started in fabrication and worked his way into trade sales.

Chris Lacy

Trade Sales Executive
Damian Sheehan

Damian helps customers decide which products are the right ones for them.

Damian Sheehan

Sales Executive
Charlotte Oldroyd

Charlotte thinks that Express is one of the best companies she's ever worked for.

Charlotte Oldroyd

Sales Admin
Joe Bratt

Joe looks after the supply-only side.

Joe Bratt

Trade Assistant/ Customer Services
Luke Smith

Luke is able to answer any technical queries to help your project along to the very end.

Luke Smith

Sales Executive
John Lowry

Express was John's first ever interview!

John Lowry

Architectural Technician

Steve's younger brother, he has an ambition to be the boss one day.

Bailey Bromberg

Sales Admin
Mark Davis

Mark responded to an intriguing job advert and this is where he ended up!

Mark Davis

Sales Executive

Jade is from Hertford and has an extensive background in event sales.

Jade Oliver

Leeds Showroom Manager

Natasha is often the first person you'll see when you enter the showroom.

Natasha Bromberg

Showroom Assistant

Dan is a drummer in a band!

Daniel Whittacker

Sales Admin

Chris applied for the role that he was supposed to be advertising for us

Chris Adams

Sales Executive

Rebecca Blanchard

Showroom Assistant

Ebonie Kenifeck

Survey Administrator

Lee Ashton

Trade Department

The Redhill Team


Jay has a wealth of experience in the fenestration industry.

Jay Jagota

Showroom & Area Sales Manager

Peter gives every customer the best possible service from sale all the way through to installation.

Peter Harris

Sales Executive
Bircan Tulga Photography 2016

Maria loves that can get lost walking around our Leeds head office showroom!

Maria Cetti

Sales Executive
Bircan Tulga Photography 2016

Michael provides in-depth technical assistance to architects, builders and homeowners.

Michael Hodgkiss

Southern Sales Coordinator

James was once a ball boy at Wimbledon!

James Cardozo

Sales Executive

Alex has a degree in Aerospace Technology

Alex Povey

Sales Executive

The Glasgow Team


David believes Express's showroom is the best of its kind in the country.

David Hepburn

Sales Manager Scotland

Jack creates drawings to help customers visualise their home with their new products.

Jack Reid

Architectural Technician

An old school salesman who loves being face to face with customers, William is extremely proud of working with Express.

William Marshall

Sales Executive

Alex Mirlees

Contracts Manager

The Romford Team

Bircan Tulga Photography 2016

As soon as I heard about Express, I knew straight away I wanted to be a part of it.

Ross Patten

Southern Sales Manager
Bircan Tulga Photography

Yasmin is looking forward to helping Romford become the company's most successful showroom.

Yasmin Parsons

Sales Executive

Steven Perrie


Fiona Macdonald


Anthony Edah


Besnik Shala