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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products bespoke?

Yes, we do not offer any standard sizes all of our products are manufactured to your exact requirements, resulting in a perfectly tailored product specific to your home.

Are your products easy to install?

No, we manufacture industry leading specialist products therefore we would never recommend a DIY installation. On a supply only order the doors come complete with a fitting instruction manual, so installation by a skilled tradesman is possible, however if they are unsure of the term ‘toe and heeled’ or have never installed aluminium products we highly recommend allowing our fitters to install your doors.

Do all of your products meet the latest revisions of Document L 2010 & 2013?

Yes all of our products fully comply with the latest building regulations and revisions of Document L. As well as surpassing the latest building regulations our products are designed to meet future revisions ensuring that we are ahead of the regulations for many years to come.

If I order the doors supply only, do they come assembled?

No, the doors are manufactured and built up in our factory and then disassembled for transportation and delivery. The doors are disassembled so there are no access issues. The doors are also extremely heavy when built up; being disassembled means delivery can be received by one person and greatly reduces the risk of the aluminium being damaged during the installation.

Will you come to my property to discuss a quotation?

We are always willing to attend site to discuss a quotation or a project in more detail. However because we service the entire UK this sometimes can be problematic so we encourage discussing the project by telephone or by email in as much detail as possible prior to a site visit.

Can the doors open out, or just into the property?

All of our bi folding doors can open in or out, stack either side and open in various configurations to suit your requirements.

What's the difference between PVC bi folding doors and aluminium bi folding doors?

Apart from a better looking, smoother operating and a more reliable door system, the more durable Aluminium frame is extremely secure, and is thermally broken giving high performance European weather ratings. UPVC folding doors are less secure, prone to failure such as jamming especially on larger doors and offer no weather ratings.

Do you offer PVC doors?

We don’t offer UPVC bi folding doors, the reason being is that the frames are too chunky and unsightly, there are limited colour options but mainly because the material itself is not strong enough. They cannot be manufactured to large widths and suffers from expansion and contraction in cold and hot weather conditions which makes the door fail.

What's the difference between the low threshold and rebated bottom track?

The low threshold is most commonly used for wheel chair access, or to partition rooms between conservatories and houses. The low threshold can be sunk into the floor so it is totally flush, it is ideal for a folding door leading out onto decking or a patio. The rebated bottom track has a superior weather rating, and is recommended as the seal is formed by the internal rebate rather than brushes, as is the case with a low threshold. Due to the bespoke manufacture of our doors we will always measure your doors as close to your finished floor level as possible, meaning that even with the rebated bottom track, by working with your builder we can still achieve a flush finish with no step or trip hazard.

At what stage do I need a site survey?

In order for us to carry out a site survey ideally your openings will need the steel/RSJ in place and your finished floor level will need to be clearly marked. This will allow us to carry out your site survey as we will know exactly what to measure too. It is possible to carry out a survey without the opening being ready however the manufacturing sizes will need to be agreed and signed off before manufacture takes place.

Is there a range of glazing options?

As standard the doors are delivered unglazed to be glazed on site. For ease of care and enhanced enjoyment of our bi-fold doors they come glazed with toughened Planitherm Total 1.2 (soft coat low E) glass as standard. The units are filled with argon gas for better thermal properties and as standard are 28mm overall. There is however endless glazing options to suit various requirements for more information on the available options please read the following information.

How secure are the doors?

Very, as well as being internally glazed, the traffic doors operate with a multi-point lock and all remaining panels benefit from a triple point shoot bolt system which secures both the top and the bottom of the door. All gearing on the doors are completely concealed and aluminium is extremely strong by nature meaning it cannot be forced or prised open.

Are the doors top or bottom hung?

All of our products are bottom hung meaning there is no weight in the head of the doors. The doors being bottom hung is of great benefit because the doors themselves will not cause any deflection in the steel above, nor will they snag at the slightest deflection as is the case with top hung systems.

Are the doors difficult to maintain?

No, the doors are basically maintenance free. The only maintenance is to keep the bottom track clear of any debris and every few months to lubricate the bottom rollers.

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer comprehensive warranties on all of our products. We offer a full five year warranty on all integral blind products and a full ten years on our doors, windows, roofing systems and double glazed units. All powder coating benefits from a 25 year warranty also. Unlike our competitors our warranties are comprehensive with no disclaimers in the small print, if we install your products we fully guarantee for years meaning you benefit from our unparalleled after sales service.

Is the coating suitable for a marine environment?

Yes, our aluminium products are powder coated which is a commercial application guaranteed for 25 years. In marine environments such as a home on the coast the salt in the air can corrode the powder coating. To alleviate this we ‘marine grade’ the powder coating which is a slightly different grade of coating and we also treat all corners, joints, and mitres to prevents any corrosion and guarantees the coating even in the harshest coastal environment.

Do you sub contract any of your work?

No, all of our staff are employed by Express Bi Folding Doors; this is why we can always assure you of a job well done. Our surveyors and installers are experts in their field and take great care throughout all of their works. It is this reason why we can offer unbeatable warranties, it also means we take full responsibility for all aspects of our works and you won’t ever be stuck in the middle of an argument between a sub-contractor and the manufacturer as is the case with many of our competitors.

Why are our turnaround times so fast and prices so competitive?

Our brand new state of the art factory is always well stocked and ready to produce. When we receive an order our sales team rapidly process it and hand over to our production department. Production can then be started same day, we control the whole process, so we can turnaround our products quickly and efficiently. Our prices are competitive because there is no middleman placing his/her mark-up on the end product. You are dealing with the company that manufacture the doors the trade buys.

What are your current lead times?

Our lead times fluctuate throughout the year. Our Company ethos is to manufacture and install/deliver all of our products as quickly as possible. Because all manufacturing takes place in house we control all aspects of your project so even in our busiest times we will always have your works complete within weeks and not months.

How long will my installation take?

Generally all of our installations our complete within the day. If your project is particularly large or complex our installation department will advise how many days on site will be required for us to complete your installation.

Will you rip out and take away my existing doors and windows if replacing them with your products?

Yes, we are happy to take on all works including small building works if required for a small extra fee

Do you cover the whole of the UK?

We service the whole of mainland UK. We are happy to undertake installations anywhere within England, Scotland or Wales.

Are your products suitable for commercial use?

Yes, we have a range of products which have been designed for commercial applications. The design of our products is such that they can be guaranteed for years of use even in commercial environments with heavy usage.

How many panels should be in my bi folding door?

Although the XPView can go slightly larger, the general rule of thumb is that the largest panels should be 1000mm wide. We always recommend the minimum amount of panels possible within a run of bi folding doors as this improves the overall aesthetic of the door due to maximising the glazed area. This is also a more cost effective option as the additional components in each panel does have a heavy impact on the overall price.

What is the maximum height for your bi folding doors?

The XP View can be manufactured up to 3000mm high, and our XP10 system can go up to 2400mm.

How many panels should be in my sliding door?

We strongly recommend the minimum panels possible; this then creates large glass areas which can then be slid aside. There is no size limit on the individual panels, instead a weight limit of 200k on the XP Glide and 300kg with the XP Glide S.

This means individual panels within either system can be manufactured well in excess of 2m2.

Do your sliding doors come with anti-lift blocks?

Yes, as well as this there is the additional security of a five point locking system where the lead door meets the jam, and all other panels interlock into one another. Our sliding door systems are the most secure on the market.

Can I choose the colour or finish of the doors?

Yes, we offer white, black and anthracite grey as standard colour options. After that there over 200 RAL colours to choose from, as well as dual colour options, and wood grain & metallic finishes also.

Is it possible to get blinds fitted within the glass rather than externally?

Yes we offer 3 types of internal blinds, manual, electric and solar options all of which are sealed within the glass units.

Can I choose my finishings such as door handles or are they standard?

The handles are standard on each door but they all have a range of colour options.

Can I still get your products if I have abnormally large areas that require fittings that are bigger than your maximum requirements?

Yes, we can product specialist items to suit abnormally large openings.

How energy efficient are your windows and doors?

All of our products are very thermally efficient; they meet and exceed all current and planned building regulations. All of our products are thermally broken and benefit from high performance double glazing also. The maximum overall U value of any of our products is 1.8 and 1.6 in our windows, with many of our door and window products boasting lower U values also.