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The Home Space Exterior Partners

The Home Space from Express and it could have not have been designed or built to its impeccable high standards without the input and craftsmanship of the various Companies who partnered us on this unique project. Information and web links about the various Companies involvement in the showroom can be found below, if you contact any of the Companies directly quote 'Express Home space' as a reference to take advantage of the preferential rates offered to all express customers.


Fibrespan are the pioneers behind using glass fibre to combat flat roof leakage. The rising popularity and versatility of flat roof kitchen meant we needed to work with a partner who could provide a reliable, damp-proof solution. Fibrespan’s products are far stronger and more durable than traditional roofing products on today’s market and offer a flexible solution, making them ideal partners. Often our kitchen designs are based around a central island positioned under a large skylight so it is important we work with quality Companies such as Fibrespan to ensure projects run smoothly, you can see more of their work by clicking here.


We work with Eternal Lawns because, like us, they produce the best products available on the market. If you’re looking to improve your garden when you add an Express product to your home, imagine how artificial grass could transform your space. Eternal Lawns will always carry out the necessary ground work prior to laying their grass, and also offer paths, fences and other landscaping features. All of their products come with a 10 year guarantee. You can see their product within our showroom and fine more infomation by clicking here.



Having carried our the restoration work on our stunning Firs House & Rutland Road projects, External Coating were the obvious choice to bring the various show homes within the showroom to life. They have done a terrific job and have applied numerous finishes and colours on several of our room-sets and feature displays, you can their extensive involvement within the showroom by clicking here.


Within the showroom we have created a unique space that shows various examples of indoor-outdoor living. The complete the setting we have partnered with Resindrives.co.uk who specialise in the installation of resin bound driveways, paths and patios. A team of consummate professionals who pride ourselves on a quality product at a fair price. The quality and value of their resin bound surfaces is second to none as you can see by clicking here.


Shortern Architects played an essential role in bringing The Home Space from Express to life. Having worked with us on numerous projects owner Andrew Shorten was our first choice to determine the layout and flow of the showroom. We worked together closely to create a space that showcased our full portfolio of premium products, as well as that of our various partners and we are thrilled with the results. To see more on Shorten Architects involvement please click here.


Bentleys of Pontefract

With so much attention devoted to interior design, the exterior of a home can often get overlooked, but as the first thing that welcomes both us and our guests, it is worth devoting some time tending to the outside of your house. This is why we chose the local experts Bentleys of Pontefract to dress the exterior faces of the numerous show homes within The Home Space from Express. You can learn more on their offerings by clicking here.

The showroom is revered by the general public and industry professionals alike and you can see the opinions of some of the visitors on the videos below: